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Quaternary Phosphonium Salts
Offered quaternary phosphonium salts are formulated after precise reaction with different chemicals. Ideally, our salt is chemically beneficial for various reasons. However, some salts made through our product can be combustible. Our salts are considered as chemical group that is accountable for anaphylactic responses that happen with application of neuromuscular inhibiting medicines amid normal anesthesia in operation.
Pyridinium Salts
This is realized that physical features of our pyridinium salts can be tweaked by their substance qualities. Inferable from their wide scope of uses in chemical research, biotechnology and biology, the synthesis and outline of triarylpyridinium salts series with changed structural spine have been done. The primary strands of function have added alterations on nature of amines and pyrylium cation deployed like antecedents. For pyrylium, moiety steric and electronic changes in para and ortho positions were executed.
Speciality Chemicals
Our speciality chemicals offer high performance and economical benefits, both. These specific chemical products provide a range of effects, applicable for many industrial applications. They are used in industries like agriculture, food, cosmetics, polymers, textile auxiliaries, and water treatment etc. The chemicals serve for many industrial processes to enhance their efficiency, output quality and effectiveness.