Phase Transfer Catalysts
Phase Transfer Catalysts or heterogeneous catalysts are used for transformation of anions of inorganic salts into organic solvents. These catalysts can also restore those salts into water phase later through chemical reactions. Free from toxin content, these catalysts are well known for their compositional accuracy.
Electrolyte Salts
Electrolyte Salts are electrolytes because they can conduct electricity when separated in water. These salts act as a good hydration and rehydration method for long-distance athletes. These salts help keep some electrolytes balanced. These salts also help you retain more fluids during high-intensity exertion and physical work.
Pharmaceutical Agrochemical Spe
Pharmaceutical Agrochemicals Spe are required for extraction of analytes from complex matrix through isolation process. All the chemicals offered under this category have balanced composition, high purity level and have non toxic content. These are produced under controlled environment.