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Speciality Chemicals

Speciality chemicals are specific chemical materials that are used in many industry sectors. These chemicals provide a broad variety of effects. The chemicals cover industries including agrichemicals, adhesives, cosmetics, cleaning materials, construction chemicals, flavors, elastomers, polymers, surfactants, agriculture, and other industrial spheres. With unique formulations, the speciality chemicals are used on the ground of function and performance. They are often practical in commercial applications. With thorough industrial knowledge and expertise, we provide economical benefits to a number of industrial customers.

Key Points
  • We provide speciality chemicals that enhance your process efficiency & improve the end products.
  • We serve our customers' particular needs & applications.
  • We work as per Indian and global chemical industry. 
Product Image (CAS NO: 98997-63-8)
Product Image (CAS NO: 131042-78-9)
Product Image (CAS NO: 35794-11-7)

3,5 Dimethyl Piperidine

  • CAS No:35794-11-7
Product Image (CAS NO: 504-03-0)

2,6 Dimethyl Piperidine

  • CAS No:504-03-0
Product Image (CAS NO: 3114-70-3)

1,4-Diamino Cyclohexane

  • CAS No:3114-70-3
Product Image (CAS NO: 111-24-0)

1,5-Dibromo Pentane

  • CAS No:111-24-0
Product Image (CAS NO: 2163-00-0)

1,6-Dichloro Hexane

  • CAS No:2163-00-0
Product Image (CAS NO: 629-03-8)

1,6-Dibromo Hexane

  • CAS No:'629-03-8
Product Image (CAS NO: 1122-58-3)

4-Dimethyl Amino Pyridine

  • CAS No:1122-58-3
Product Image (CAS NO: 79-94-7)

Tetrabromo Bisphenol-A

  • CAS No:79-94-7
Product Image (CAS NO: 110-81-6)

Diethyl Disulfide

  • CAS No:110-81-6
Product Image (CAS NO: 609-66-5)

2-Chloro Benzamide

  • CAS No:609-66-5
Product Image (CAS NO: 2181-42-2)

Trimethylsulfonium Iodide

  • CAS No:2181-42-2
Product Image (CAS NO: 3084-53-5)

Trimethylsulfonium Bromide

  • CAS No:3084-53-5
Product Image (CAS NO: 85100-77-2)